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30-Day Return Policy and One Year Warranty

Q. Why should I trust you?

A. We are many years in business and working hard for good reputation. To be sure, you can check it on several independent places: Webutation, eBay Feedback, Webmoney Passport.
You can also read feedbacks about us here http://araxfoto.com/feedbacks/
and ask about us from our purchasers directly http://araxfoto.com/links/portfolio/
or use www.google.com for find many of our happy users worldwide: example, example.

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Q. What about Duty and Tax?

A. Usually we send every parcels as GIFT indicated on custom declaration. We also include Repair Invoice and indicate low price for decrease custom tax. In 90% of cases it works and you'll not pay any custom/state duty or tax.

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Q. Where can I leave my feedback?

A.You can leave your feedback here or on independent sources: Facebook | Flickr | Twitter | YouTube | Yahoo

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Q. How quickly do you send the parcels?

A. If a unit is available, then we send it within 48 hours from the moment we receive your payment.

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Q. How long would it take to get the ARAX MLU/SE?

A. We upgrade the Special Edition (SE) camera and test it during 7-14 days after receiving your payment and then we send it to you immediately via Regular or Express Airmail.

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Q. How long will it take to deliver the parcel to the USA?

A. 7-15 days if it is delivered via Regular Airmail for USA, Western Europe, Asia. 3-5 days for Express Airmail (EMS).

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Q. Do you provide a warranty?

A. Yes, of course. Here is our 30 DAY RETURN POLICY and ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

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Q. Do you allow the discounts?

A. Yes, we do. Our permanent clients and business partners are offered special prices. Also we can consider the discounting of the prices on several items of our products. The value of discounts will depend on volume of your order.

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Q. Is there any need to insure the parcels?

A. If you have paid the amount of risk, then you are assured against both money and goods loss. We recommend insuring your parcels.

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Q. If I will buy one of your cameras, should I pay any taxes or duties? Could I get it like a gift?

A. We indicate GIFT on customs form and include a REPAIR invoice with all camera kits to show customs that you didn't buy it but only had it repaired. About 90% of our shipments have arrived without problem with custom. You can calculate shipping cost here.

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Q. Shall I inquire about availability beforehand or shall I transfer money straight away?

A. Please don’t transfer money straight away. Write to us first.

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Q. Do you accept payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express)?

A. Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB cards, via www.2CheckOut.com. 2CO will also accept Electronic Check Drafts - also known as ACH or Digital Checks and FXSource - Direct electronic funds transfer service.

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Q. What about payment in the Euros?

A. It is not a problem. We accept it.

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Q. Do you use PayPal?

A. PayPal works with Ukraine and other former USSR countries with limitations. But we have a partners in USA who accepts payments for us via PayPal without limitations.

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Q. How can I find out is my camera real ARAX or fake?

A. All ARAX cameras comes with ARAX nameplate and warranty card. Very rare, maybe 3-5 pcs in year according buyer request, we made the ARAX cameras with original KIEV name plate. To know is it true ARAX, you should ask the original ARAX warranty card with the serial number of camera and signature of ARAX founder.
Some of sellers uses our pictures, descriptions, ideas etc. Please note that we not responsible for any parts of our pictures, descriptions, ideas which was stolen from our website (www.araxfoto.com) and our eBay auctions (araxfoto). If you not see the link to our official website - it mean that the information was stolen and uses without our permission. Also we not responsible for any ARAX cameras bought not from our website directly.

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Q. Why doesn't ARAX sell it's products via other regional or national distributors?

A. ARAX cameras are by their nature limited production, custom order items. Each buyer has unique requirements. Completed cameras are not kept in inventory like in most higher-volume mass produced businesses. This is the only way to maintain the superior quality of our product. We have the best technicians and they can produce a limited quantity of ARAX cameras without compromising the quality of the product. ARAX maintains it's good price, fast delivery and outstanding customer service without the cost of intermediaries, which would have to be passed on to the consumer.

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Q. Do you really send orders wordwide?

A. Yes, really. :)

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Q. Will the Arax TS lenses fully rotate on the Nikon body?

A. The limited rotation of Tilt/Shift lenses are not a problem of lens. Any T/S lens has this "problem". Our lenses fits and work on any Nikon without problem, but 360 degree rotation will be limited because of camera flash hood. It is not a problem for most of Nikon users. Because the lens is fit and works well. Actually - the 45 degree position uses very rare. Even if you need 45 degree foreshortening, you can rotate the full camera. So, you'll realize all potential of the Tilt Shift lenses. In other word, it is not a feature of particular Tilt/Shift lens. It is a general feature of any Tilt Shift lenses.

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Q. When you'll made TILT/SHIFT adapter to use Nikon lens on Nikon camera?

A. Never. It is impossible even theoretically. You can put the ring between camera and lens, then tilt or shift the lens. But you'll have optical troubles. There are no optical problems when you use bigger lens on smaller camera. For example, medium format lenses on any digital cameras, or Nikon (Canon) lenses on micro 4/3 cameras.

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Q. Why you made TILT/SHIFT adapter for Canon camera but not for Nikon?

A. Nikon has a smaller working distance than Canon. There are no enough space to modify and put T/S mechanism. The lenses will not focus on infinity. You can use two separate adapters for tilt and for shift effect.

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Q. I have currently the issue of whether to buy a Pentacon Six, or a Kiev 6C/60. In your opinion what is more reliable?
I do not care about the appearance, but I need a CLEAR answer from the person who has good technical knowledge of the subject. It is mostly because people say that Kiev-6C is less reliable than the Pentacon, yet ALL of the Pentacons that I have encountered have some technical issues and they even may not be working; yet Kiev-6C I have encountered in mint condition and they all worked so far.
Is there any problem with the P6 that makes them unusable even when mint and should I worry about dried oil in the Kiev-6C if it is in mint condition?

A. The most reliable is Kiev-60. Because here is the line of camera reliability progress:
Pentacon Six -> Kiev-6C -> Kiev-60 -> ARAX-60/MLU
All cameras have weak points and benefits, but from year to year technicians and engineers works at the weak points of products.
Pentacon Six was made in Germany and has been a good camera so far, and generally has better quality compared to factory’s. But it has many construction weaknesses in important mechanisms. There are many mistakes at the engineering level. For example, the film transporting mechanism is very poorly constructed and not repairable. That is why many of the cameras have a frame overlap. You must use original spare parts to repair it, which is no longer available. Pentacon Six has a very dark viewfinder which is badly constructed, etc. But it has very good shutter mechanism and good assembly quality.
The next generation, Kiev-6C, was made in USSR.
The Kiev-6C is the camera which is much better constructed, but the quality of materials and assembly is very poor.
Next level is Kiev-60. There are several levels of Kiev-60. Some of them have better quality, others do not. But in general - the main problem is the quality of materials and assembly. The goal of USSR was quantity - not quality. That is why it is not an expensive camera. There are many cameras with very poor quality. Maybe to make easier the repairman's job.
Engineers and technicians on ARAX know well all that story, that is why we work hard to make better materials and assembling for Kiev-60. After our work you have the best quality with full warranty for affordable price.
So, my answer is - if you have enough money - buy - ARAX-60/MLU, if not - buy Kiev-6C, but never use Pentacon Six, because there are no spare parts for Pentacon Six cameras. No one can repair them for a long life work.

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Q. What is the difference between ARAX-CM and ARAX-CM/MLU?

A. Only the MLU (Mirror Lock-Up) function. MLU operates independently of the shutter button. You can lift the mirror separately without using the shutter release. When you push the shutter release, the mirror lifts up automatically as usual. This feature eliminates any vibration caused by the mirror movement when doing macro photography or when working with long focal length lenses.

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Q. I have noticed that the Kiev factory has closed down. Does this mean that the available Arax camera will be used or new?

A.Factory closed, but cameras are new which was stored on warehouse. ARAX cameras are brand new, never used and with full warranty worldwide.

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Q. Do you modify Kiev-88 cameras or film backs to make them compatible with Hasselblad?

A. No. It is not so good idea to mix accessories with moving parts of different cameras. The correct, high quality operation of the camera is guaranteed ONLY if you use the film backs of the original manufacturer. You can use only the viewfinders on Hasselblad. There has no moving parts and fully compatible with Hasselblad.

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Q. Do your lenses fits to Hasselblad camera body?

A. No. Any of our or Kiev lenses not fits to any Hasselblad camera body.

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Q. What is the price of the manuals in English?

A. For our clients we send all instructions for free.

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Q. Can you send a parcel to Japan?

A. Yes. We send parcels to most countries in the world, including Japan, Australia, Brasilia etc. Here is the list of the countries where we send our parcels to.

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Q. How much does this shipment cost?

A. Here are the shipment costs…

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Q. How can I save shipment cost?

A. You can save money for shipping, buying more than one item at once. We'll combine the shipping.

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Q. Inform me please about your hours of operation.

A. Hours of operation for support, sales and shipping: Monday — Friday 10AM — 6PM. Our time zone is GMT+2 (Kiev, Ukraine, Europe).

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Q. Can you repair any cameras other than those produced by ARSENAL?

A. No, sorry. We repair the Kiev medium format cameras only.

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Q. How can I repair KIEV 88 camera's body?

A. Just ship it via regular airmail to us, we will repair it and send it back to you. You will have to pay for the shipping and repairing.

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Q. Could you exchange my old camera SALYUT for a new ARAX one?

A. No, sorry.

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Q. Why haven't I received the answer from you yet?

A. Most likely you have written the wrong returning email completing the e-mail form. Or your\provider's spam-guard rejects emails from us. Please try again from another e-mail.

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