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I wanted to say thank you for your very professional service. You recently did a recoating job on the front element of my 1954 Summicron. I was amazed when I opened your package, the lens looked brand new. Last Friday, I got the entire lens back from the repair shop here in Los Angeles that did the CLA for me. The negatives from test rolls I shot are just what I was hoping for. Sharp with no flare. Thank you for your good work.

Jeff Voorhees. Mon, 10 Apr 2006
Los Angeles, USA

Thank you, I was very pleased to received my goods this morning, 5th April 2006. I was very fortunate to have found your excellent web site as I had been looking for a suitable viewfinder for my camera (Hasselblad swc) and even Hasselblad could not supply one for at least four weeks. It works perfectly for my requirements and at a very reasonable price too. I am very impressed by your efficient and friendly service, and wish you continuing success in the future.

Leslie Megson. Wed, 5 Apr 2006
Bradford, United Kingdom

Once more I have to thank you. You did excellent repair and now my old and useless Kiev 60 takes worth-seeing pictures. I won't stop saying and wrighting about you.

Kyprianos Christodoulides. Tue, 28 Mar 2006
Athens, Greece

The parcel arrived today. You are a genius! The front element for my 35OPF7-1 is perfect! Very well done indeed--thank you very much. The 500mm lens works well on my Konvas. It's very sharp and very powerful. I'm going to get a good deal of use from it, so thanks as well for that. You provide a magnificent service; I have strongly recommended you, and will continue to do so.

Terrence Byrne. Sat, 11 Mar 2006
Princeton, USA

The lens arrived today. It has only been one week since you mailed it. It came much quicker than I thought and it looks brand new. Terrific work. I am anxious to try it out.

Jeff Voorhees. Sat, 11 Mar 2006
Altadena, USA

Today I received the Arax 60MLU body that you sent me. It was very well packed and I`m surprised how fast it came. I already changed the focusing screen for my AcuteMatte D (I put another scratch on it :-( - no proper tools ) and it`s working perfectly. When I compare the feel of winding the film or fixing the lens on mount to the Kiev 60 that I have a problem with, it`s very different. Everything is working smoothly and I`m looking forward to wind my Provia 100F and shoot some lovely shots. Thank you very much, it was a pleasure to deal with you. Will deal again.

Erik Stranai. Wed, 1 Mar 2006
London, United Kingdom

Thank you for your prompt attention and service. Once again it was a pleasure to do business with you. It is nice to see such a high level of service and support for the Kiev medium format line of cameras and lenses. Users of the so-called "major" brands do not enjoy as great a commitment as yours.

Jeff Ziesmann. Fri, 24 Feb 2006
Cincinnati, USA

Kiev 60 / 645 arrived Feb 21 ... perfect condition ...... Camera seems to operate properly ....... clean, nice quality work inside ..........! Please say " Thank You" the person who did the packing .... ( maybe the lady who does shipping ? .... ) The Packing was excellent, ....... clearly done very carefully .... Thank you again for communications.

Roland Hicks. Wed, 22 Feb 2006
Foster city, USA

I just picked up the parcel from the postal office. It's all right and i'm quite impressed. Parcel was very well packed indeed and the whole kit looks and feels right. You have done an outstanding work and i'm determined to recommend you to all my friends and draw attention onto your fine products whenever i can. I'll spread the news about you. The repair invoice paid off at customs.

Andrei Calangiu. Mon, 13 Feb 2006
Bucuresti, Romania

Congs!!! The new ARAX 60 mlu is perfect.You are doing your best there and keep on doing so. Medium format cameras must stay alive as film too. We all amateurs have to support it.

Kyprianos Christodoulides. Fri, 03 Feb 2006
doctor of medicine
Athens, Greece

I received the camera a few days ago. Everything seems to work great and I'm very pleased with the product. Thank you very much for the camera and the good communication. I'll most certainly be doing business with you again when I'm in the market for more medium format camera supplies. Thanks again.

Ryan Sandoval. Sun, 29 Jan 2006
Avon Lake, USA

250 m/m and 180 m/m lenses arrived in perfect condition. Excellent Packing, Perfect. Both lenses were obviously very carefully treated during CLA work. They are both in perfect condition. Both operate very smoothly. and fit all my cameras perfectly. That's really great. I would like you to please also thank those specific technicians who worked on those two lenses. Their CLA work is outstanding and perfect, I want them to know that I truly appreciate the high skill level that went into those lenses. I am extremely pleased by the quality level and care that went into their CLA work. If posssible, I would like you to let the technician or technicians that have done this particular work know that there are people over here that recognize fine craftsmenship and appreciate quality CLA work as well as beautiful working Kiev 60 cameras. Anywhere I go people often ask me where I found such beautiful cameras and lenses... Thank you again Gev0rg for following closely the the CLA work on my lenses.

Roland Hicks. Mon, 9 Jan 2006
California, USA

Perfect. Correcte afhandeling en levering een schitterende lens ARAX 2.8/35mm Tilt & Shift lens. Thanks

Stef Nivelles. Sat, 31 Dec 2005
St-Truiden, Belgium

Très bon service, rapide et sérieux, une adresse à connaître de tous les possesseurs de KIEV, il avait des problèmes d'obturateur, d'espacements de vues, prises de lumière sur plusieurs dos, ARAX à fait juste un CLA du boîtier, dès le premier tour du bouton d'armement j'ai tout de suite remarqué la différence, douceur de fonctionnement de précision de l'obturateur c'est nickel !, c'est simple le bonheur !!!

Zimmermann Thierry. Mon, 12 Dec 2005
France Grenoble

I would like to say how pleased I am with the cloth shutters you fitted to my Zenith 80. I have just tested it with Ektachrome E200 and all the old problems of reflections have gone. Pictures are much clearer and contrasty with perfectly even edge to edge exposure, I think this must be one of the most worthwhile modifications to these cameras. Also the automatic diaphragm conversion is very neat and updates the camera for the most recent lenses. Thank you again!

Steve Ash. Wed, 07 Dec 2005
Exeter, United Kingdom

Today I'm very pleased with my Arax 60. The image quality is really amazing and I think with your team's modifications it is reliable (many reviews in the net are telling this...) I will recommend your shop - the service seems to be very good :)

Guido Santo. Tue, 6 Dec 2005
Tuebingen, Germany

Well Gev0rg, yes I know that it has not been that long since my last message but I feel that I have to say something, you see, this has been my second order from you again I am stunned with both speed of delivery and quality of all goods supplied, the Jupiter lense is superb, and all packaged very secure, I will be back , you can count on that.
Yours most sincerely and respectfully

M K Ashby. Tue, 22 Nov 2005
Royal County Of Berkshire, United Kingdom

I was in Kiev from Sept. 22nd till Sept. 27th 2005 and had a previously arranged meeting with Gev0rg to buy a new ARAX MLU body (with black metal curtains, special order) from him. When I met him at the Kiev Post Office we tried some of my lenses (CZJ) and backs on the new body. One of the CJZ lenses didn't fit 100% and Gev0rg immediately offered to take all of my lenses and backs and have them checked by one of his technicians that same day and for free. Just to be sure I could trust him he gave me $1000,- and went off with my gear. Four hours later we met again and I received all my stuff, checked by the technician, all working perfectly with the new body. He also delivered two new backs to my appartment the next day.
Now this is an example of delivering high quality goods with a very high degree of service and commitment to the customer. This guy is completely trustworthy and I WILL BUY from him again.

Hugo Linskens
Breda, The Netherlands

Dear Gev0rg. It has been a great pleasure to have been in contact with you, all my questions were answered no matter how trivial, my Arax CM arrived on day five and when I opened the package I was so pleased to find everything just as seen on your web site, fantastic camera fantastic lense in fact everything was perfect, will be in touch soon for some extra lenses.

M K Ashby
Royal County Of Berkshire, United Kingdom

Excellent recoating and repolishing job done on the front lens element of my Summicron 50mm. Highly recommended.

LP Lim

I received the film backs and lens etc that I ordered, in a well packaged parcel, it arrived with no problems at all, except the nail biteing wait I had as the delivery took just on 2 weeks, I suppose that not too bad as New Zealand is about as far away from Kiev as one could get. I'm very pleased with the way the whole purchase went, products are very good, the communication with Gev0rg was excellent. I shall be in contact in the near future, Arax/Gev0rg lived up to the service statements made on their very good web site, thanks Gev0rg

Mike Larsen
Hamilton, New Zealand

I ordered a K88-based Arax MLU with red chamois covering and became a faithfull ARAX customer since. I have been using it in several professional assignements with no complaints whatsoever. In addition I sent my K60 (bought from another seller, when I did not knew about ARAX yet) for a CLA job and it was perfectly serviced, it is in superb shape. In short, Gev0rg is a very nice person to deal with, the equipment he sells really work and he will stand behind his sales.

Rodrigo Whitaker
São Paulo, Brazil
From Delphiforum

Loved the new shopping on line, very easy to use and very convenient. I'll be using again I'm sure!

Alexander More
Highland, USA

(about CZJ Flektogon 50/f4 upgrading) I processed the roll of color slide test film and the results were perfect! Better color saturation than when new. The lens even produced results that appear sharper, although that is almost impossible. Also no flare, before multicoating the lens flared a lot. Thanks again for your beautiful work, and thank your technicians for me. I use this lens in my research and my students use it for their work. Your work has saved us a lot of money and time.

Michael Kaiser
St. Clairsville, USA

I received the 500 mm lens today! You know that I appreciate this excellent service very much. The lens looks great especially in the light of the incredible low price. Thanks very much and best wishes to you and the ARAX-people.

Friedhelm Achenbach
Koenigswinter, Germany

My Summicron front element arrived this morning, all in one piece and very well packed. The glass looks excellent - I've already put it back on the lens, and will take some test shots later. However, I can already say that I'm impressed - the lens looks like new! I'm sure the results will be much better than before, with significantly reduced flare and better resistance to backlight...
I will definitely recommend your services to my friends - both here in Croatia and abroad. Thank you again for a job well done, and for excellent service.

Denis Pleic
Varazdin, Croatia

I have got my ARAX CM/MLU-S, I am very pleased. It is wonderfull, nice working, I took 10 Films until now, exacktly working. I show my new ARAX to all my friends. ARAX has a good service, I got my Arax in couple of days. Thank you Gev0rg for this nice camera.

Askim Zeyen
Bremerhaven, Germany

I have got my Kiev C60 MLU back today and i have used up a role of HP5 PLUS 120 film and i now get 16 shots on a role at one time i got about 10 to 11 shots. The space next to the frames is nice and wide thanks a lot. And the camera has been flocked thanks a lot from Tony!

Anthony Ruffell
Swansea, United Kingdom

I ordered the TTL prism for my Kiev 88. I'm VERY pleased with service, and of course product. This was my first order from Arax. You appear seriously as a company and I'm very impressed. The TTL viewfinder works perfectly. For many years i've been doing a crusade here in Norway to get people to buy Kiev cameras. Now I'll proudly refer to ARAX. Thank You.

Jan Zielinski
Hordaland, Norway

The Arax camera, lenses, and accessories that I ordered from Gev0rg arrived in just four and a half days from the time of notification that the package had been shipped. As many others have reported, the camera was very well protected and well packed. I'm extremely pleased with the camera and with the pleasure of doing business with a company that delivers on their promise. There were certainly other alternatives for purchase but I wanted above all to do business with someone that I could trust. Thank you Gev0rg for everything. This is really a great camera and the 30mm fisheye is awesome. If you want value, quality, and excellent communication, Gev0rg is the one to do business with. Again, many thanks and I'll be ordering additional lenses soon.
[in addition] Yesterday I picked up the first roll of developed transparency film and just wanted you to know that the pictures were very nice. Excellent exposure and good detail and contrast throughout even though some of the pictures were taken in heavy overcast and rather dreary conditions. Exactly the results that I was expecting. I will be sending you some additional requests for accessories and lenses in the next few days.

Doug Munson
Chicago, IL USA

I recieved my order kits . Everything was packaged very well. Thank you very much Gev0rg!

Yinxuan Lee
Miaoli County 350, Taiwan

I recieved my Arax 60 MLU kit one week after I placed the order. Everything was packaged very well. I have already shot a roll of film, & am very pleased with the results. Thank you very much Gev0rg!!!!

Chricel E Portela
Austin, Texas USA

It's been roughly one year since purchasing an Arax 88 CM MLU camera. First I can say that Gev0rg and Arax Foto have performed excellently in terms of customer service. I have purchased other Kiev cameras and lenses from a U.S. based dealer, and I have to say that Arax Foto is still the only way to go in terms of quality service, communication and support.
I will definitely be giving Arax 100% of my business for future Kiev related purchases and services. I intend to buy a backup body soon, and you guessed it... it will be an Arax!

James Sarte
New York, USA

It has been just about a year since I got the HUGE package from Arax and I have had no major problems with the Arax60 and lenses I bought from Gev0rg! One minor thing only: the leather at one corner of the meter prism started to lift a tiny bit so I glued it down and that's the only problem(and not much of one at that!) I am not so good a photographer so my pictures are just very good using this gear. I am deciding on some other lenses to buy and I will be buying them from Arax. This experience has been nothing but good and I have reccomended Arax to all of the people I know who are looking at medium format cameras! Thank you very much, Gev0rg!

Rob Biemer
Cortland, NY, USA

I just recieved my 88cm-mlu kit a week after ordering. I was very impressed with the speedy delivery and the communication with Gev0rg. I am a college photography student and recommend to the other students in the program to check out the arax web site. I am very pleased with my purchase, the 88cm-mlu kit is a beautiful piece of photo equiptment and I am certain I will be returning to arax for more purchases.

Dominic Lippillo
Ohio, USA

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