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Got the package. Very positive and bomb proof perfect packaging. That camera really feels like i'm holding 2005-year made "Arax" camera in my hand, didn't even imagine manual camera could be that precise and perfect. Top stuff!
Lot of my compliments will go on writing the cheque to 97$, because shipping to EU would require customs tax and they didn't believed that camera could be that cheap in the toll-office, so it went to red light and i had to open the package in front of their eyes and there was again 97$ invoice inside so i won, thanks to your excellent experience - no tax! Seriously looking forward dealing with you again and won't hesitate to recommend to others! Thank you ARAX, you won my heart.

Margus Sootla
Tartumaa, Estonia

I received my ARAX-60/MLU standard kit yesterday just one week after ordering it. It was very well packed and hand delivered. I haven't yet started taking pictures but am excited at the idea of starting soon. Everything seems to work properly. The manuals availble from the Araxfoto website are very useful too.

Jerome Le Pioufle
Brest, France

I am very impressed with the excellent service and fast delivery as well as the courteous contact with Arax. My Arax 60 came here fast and in perfect condition. The camera is better than I expected.

Arndt Mersmann
Munster, Germany

I had an Arax in my hand and I was really impressed. Your name means something in the photographic community here in Italy. The huge problems of Kiev mechanic was solved, giving breath to very good eastern lenses.

Luca N Vascon
Padova, Italy

I just receive the package containing the ARAX-60 body. Never got a consignment from Ukraine in such a short time. Thank you for the fast shipment, the good packing and the free cable release. The camera makes a good impression to me and start taking pictures within the next days. Greetings from Germany to you and your staff.

Wolfgang Buchholz
Bielefeld, Germany

I just received Arax 88 MLU standard kit, plus accessories and the packaging is bomb proof. I am new at medium format, so I had lots of questions. Gev0rg answered all of them thoroughly (I wish I could say that other dealers did the same, but I can't). He usually answered my e-mails same day. Body, lens, spot meter and accessories look just great! The spot meter matches the one in my nikon 35mm camera. I can't wait until tomorrow to load my first 6x6 roll. Thanks a lot Gev0rg!!! And merry christmas to everyone.

Toni Alone
Barcelona, Spain

I just opened the parcel form ARAX and unpacked everything. I am very impressed about the fact that everything was packed extremely well. Not one single cubic-centimeter of free space that could have caused things moving. I am looking very much forward loading the first film and have a first test-shooting. It just started snowing here in France so there will be some nice winter-scenes. Thanks a lot for the little gift (this adaptor-ring), where I still have to find out what it is used for. First of all I will start studying the manual...
Let me finish, telling you, that buying at your company was by far the most pleasant experience in my whole "online-shopping-life" (and I am talking about more than 6 years). Even considering that the Ukraine is not really next door, and that you had a hard time these days, the delivery took only one week after my credit card was charged. I can only say "Thank you so much" and all the best for a pieceful future...

Peter Fauland
Gex, France

ARAX is a most effective and reliable seller, offering very good products at amazingly low prices! I've bought alot and it's always a genuine pleasure to do business with Gev0rg! HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE!

Karl-Otto Hullegard
Malmoe, Sweden

Je suis 100% satisfait de ce ARAX 88 CM-MLU I am in Belgium and I am really glad to have bought this camera. 100% satisfied. Service and contact with ARAX 10/10. Fast super delivery. Greetings

Bomal Eric
Belgium - Belgique

The ARAX-60 MLU camera has arrived past week. I tested it and everything work fine! Shutter speeds, focusing, film advancing, MLU device, etc. etc. I'm very satisfied with this camera and I hope the camera will work properly also in the future. For the time being thank you very much for your kindness. I hope we will deal again.

Walter Paolaz
Trento, Italy

Thank you for repairing the camera, it was delivered in the morning on Thursday 21st October. This Sunday morning I run a roll of colour through it of the autumn trees, the shutter and exposures were perfect. Thanks again.

Andrew Carter
Hastings, UK

I recieved the camera. I tested the camera and it is no problem. It works well. Thank you very much. I am completely satisfied with you and your service. If in future my camera will be broken, I will ask you again. Thank you again.

Sawafuji Taiga
Tokyo, Japan

I recently ordered a prism finder for my Hasselblad ELM, because I lost the original during a shoot. Having been a professional photographer for the last 46 years, I have worn out a lot of equipment and am used to high quality cameras and accessories.
It was an experiment to see the quality and service ARAX could deliver. I was curious to see how the ordering, shipping and equipment processes and quality would go.
From start to finish ARAX delivered a service, a professionalism and a product with which I am extremely happy and satisfied.
I shall shortly order a full equipment and am convinced that I will not be disappointed.
Thanks ARAX (Gev0rg) for your good work.

John Wieland
Pyrenees Mountains

I receive the package this morning, a very good package. About the camera... how should I say... GREAT! It's a very nice camera, there is so much difference with my old kiev 88 I had 8 years ago.... now, I 'm gonna read about it on the CD. Thank you for your postcard of Kiev, appreciate. I will order at the end of the month for 2 lens more.

Fabrice Richard
Rennes, France

I just came out of the darkroom after processing some slides from my new ARAX. They're beautiful. Everything came packed nice, and I am very impressed. Everything works nice and my first roll of film turned out. Even loading and unloading was a breeze. Thank you very much for the gift, and I plan on using it often. I really like the special case the camera came in, and it really does work just perfect with the camera.

Ian Cleverley
Rexburg, USA

Thank You. Your repair was pretty good. Now I'm using Saliut-S with great pleasure. Well tuned camera doesn't disturb my concentration when I am taking picture. Using favorite camera is one of the most comfortable thing. I might take much better pictures with this well tuned Saliut..., I think so.

Kaoru Akiyama
Tokyo, Japan

The camera is excellent! as a matter of fact very compatible to my very old Hasselblad and in many aspects far better! You are doing a great job and I will come back with more buying from you!

Karl-Otto E. Hullegard, Ph.D
Malmoe, Sweden

I received my camera today, everything looks great. Thank you for the light meter and cleaning kit. It felt like Christmas opening everything up. It was well packed and everything was here and the CD-R is a wonderful resource. Thank you so much, I am excited and you will have my business again, and the business of my friends. Thank you.

Jesse Thomas
Glendale, USA

I just shot a roll of film in the Arax 60 body that you sold me recently. It was perfect! The camera winds smoothly and the film plane is perfectly true--the pictures I took were razor-sharp and the frame spacing was exactly right. You should be very proud of the work you do--it is first quality.

Terrence Byrne
Princeton, USA

I just received the film back I ordered less than two weeks ago. From the other side of the globe! Fast, personal, and professional service! I will definately be doing more business with your company in the future. Thanks ARAX!

David Shuttleworth
San Francisco, USA

It was a pretty fast journey from Kiev to Wiesentheid: not a whole week, only six days! Your repairman did really an excellent job: I haven't exposed a film yet, but the shutter works as smooth AS IT NEVER DID BEFORE, I couldn't believe it and for the first moment I assumed that this is a brand-new camera!! Thank you so much, I am very pleased about your responsible work.

Reinhard Brunsch
Wiesentheid, Germany

A year and a half after I got my camera from ARAX it is still working great and I have taken some amazing pictures with it. Let me say that a landscape shot halnd-held (not breathing actually, and between heart beats) at 1/125 through the standard ARSAT 80mm lens and then magnified to 20 inch square (which is huge) is PIN SHARP!! I didn't believe my eyes at first, but every postcard-sized part of it (INCLUDING the edge) looked like a postcard to me: sharp, well-toned, excellent colour and in every other way amazing. To think this lens cost me some 30 UK pounds is mind boggling. And I did not even use the MLU, but the camera did NOT shake.
I can honestly recommend this to every serious photographer, it is worth its weight in gold. No light leaks, no shake, excellent smooth magazines which are also easy to load, what else would anyone need?! Why buy a Hassy at 10 times the price when you can get very similar for next to nothing. Well done, Arax!
Also I must say I am pleasantly surprised at the business side of things, the way Gev0rg adds personal touch and is always willing to help. Many thanks and God bless!

Alex Shafarenko
Hertfordshire, UK

I've received my brand new ARAX CM MLU SE. It's just great. Nicely worked, covered with leather, and cured with love by your technicians. I can't believe how fast all the process was done. I have passed the order two weeks ago, paid directely the 23rd and received confirmation of shipping done on 29th. In just 5 days it is here. It is a real pleasure to treat with such professionnals, skilled, efficient and very sympathetic. By the way, thanks a lot for the little Extra. I have dreamed about it, Arax made it. Thank you again and congratulation: your work will be your best advertising. I wish you all the best and many, many, many other orders....

Olivier Broucke
Brussels, Belgium

The camera is great, really great!!!!!! I like the work you did very much, the camera is better than new, you did a really good, proper and accurate work!!! Special thanks to you for the nice foto-bag, it fits good to my new "ARAX"-Camera!!! I can really recommend your work for any interested customers !!!

Markus Kreis, [after ARAX upgrading of my camera]
Pfungstadt, Germany

I just want to let you know that I received the camera today. It's seems to work just perfectly now. I'm very happy with the work that you've done and grateful that you were able to do it. My Kiev's "visit" to its home country was certainly well worth while! Thank you so much for your courtesy, efficiency and professionalism.

Paul Gough
Birmingham, United Kingdom

I am impressed with the entire transaction. I have done business here in the states that was not nearly as good or as fast.

Bill Gruhn
Medfield, MA USA

I got my Arax60 Tueday this week. Even with TWO holidays the shipping time was excellent! All the bits and peices I ordered were in the box and evrey thing was very well packed! The camera itself is much prettier than the pictures of it that Gev0rg emailed me! I have put two rolls of film through it so far and while the pictures aren't especially good, all of the lenses and the camera are all doing what they are supposed to be doing! I am going to get great shots from this equiptment! Overall I am very happy with the entire process of buying a camera from Arax!

Rob Biemer
Cortland, NY USA

I received my Arax 60 last Wednesday and have run a few rolls of film through it so far. Everything is working well...even frame spacing, great finish, and no visible banding even at 1/1000! Thank you for being so easy to communicate with and fulfilling my order so promptly. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again the next time I need any Arax/Arsenal products.

Drew Johnson
Harpers Ferry, WV USA

I recived my Arax kit yesterday in perfect packing. The camera is beautiful, I'm very very happy with it. The shipping and whole procedure was quite fast. I'll return back soon to find new accessories. Thank you very much!

Polecsak Armin
Budapest, Hungary

Six days to receive directly from Kiev the Arax Kit! Only six days! Crazy! Amazing! Anyway, the ARAX is the most beautiful medium camera in the world I ever seen!!!

Mourenx, France

I resieved lenses today. And I am satisfied with quality of lenses. Thank you very much for your quickly service.

Yasushi Oonuma
Okayama, Japan

I sent my Salyut 'C' to ARAX for repair/CLA (shutter problems!) and upgrade (MLU, interior flocking.) The service was excellent (turnaround in around 3 weeks including postage time from the UK) and the workmanship first class. The MLU conversion is so well done it looks like an original fitment. I would recommend it to anyone as it makes a huge difference to the level of vibration. The smoothness and action of the shutter is superb, like a new camera. The whole lot came in at around 100, excellent value in my opinion. I would recommend ARAX to anyone with a Soviet Hassy copy in need of repair/upgrade.

Steve Ash, United Kingdom
From Delphiforum

The new Arsat lens works in every respect absolutely great - mecanically and optically! I am very pleased, thanks a lot! I think, ARAX is a great place for Kiev-equipment.

Reinhard Brunsch
Wiesentheid-Untersambach, Germany

My camera is wonderful. It takes great shots, very accurate metering and the CZJ lenses are wonderful. Most people that develop my film think I am using a Hassleblad. Close enough.

Jesse Thomas
Glendale, USA

I must admit that I've never owned a K 88 (nor do I want one - I really like my Arax 60 and P-6. I like the big 35 mm shape) but I'm soooo pleased with my Arax 60 - it is a high quality camera. If all our Arsenal products passed through Gev0rge's hands, we wouldn't have much to complain about.

Bob Marvin
From Delphiforum

My New ARAX CM is Here! It is a SE CM MLU in Black Leather. Sweet! My lenses all mount nicely, everything dry cycles beautifully. I even got my engraved initial plate.
I'll have some shots from it soon, I hope. I am definately impressed with this one on first impression.

From Delphiforum

Couple days ago received the camera, adapter ring, bonus ring, disc, cards, everything. That was super fast, thanks. Camera is a beauty, lots of great info on the disk, thank you for the bonus, will come very handy because one of the two adapter rings is quite loose, has some play. First class service! You'll hear from me again.

Greg Chojnacki
Coquitlam, Canada

Film installation and camera operation is very good, thanks for an excellently upgraded camera!

Mol M Olson

Today I got my 10 rolls of film back, and (this is unusual for me ) 116 prints... It means everything worked well for the first time in my almost ten years of kiev88 experience, finally I have a working reliable camera. No light leaks, no strange refections, perfect spacing and only minimal banding at 1/500 (did not try 1/1000). Arax did a perfect job on two of my bodies. These cameras have been "repaired" by three different repair people in the pastbut now for the first time they are working as they should, OK ARAX....!!!

Jan de Monchy. Netherlands
From Delphiforum

I received the ARAX-60 today, excellent, I like it. I'm particularly impressed by extend you go for to present run-of-the-mill Kiev60 available for 99 on eBay into something that actually looks like a complete, proper product, something Arsenal should be doing.

Parlin Mulijana

The people who justify spending many thousands of dollars on a Hasselblad system, do so because of the quality of Carl Zeiss Oberkochen lenses. Those who saved thousands of dollars on Carl Zeiss Jena lenses and got them because of good quality images these lenses produce, should spend a few hundred dollars for quality ARAX up-grade.
The investment in an ARAX-SE camera grants the Kiev user the feeling of confidence, trust & power!
To anyone who's wondering whether or not to buy an ARAX-SE MLU, I say if you can stretch to the price, get one!

Dr. Adam R. Bujak. Oshawa, Canada
From Delphiforum

I did send a jammed Kiev-88CM to ARAX in Kiev, for repair and modifications. They have made very good work. Repairs are guarantied one year. Communication is good too, perfectly English writing. Prices are good and detailed on their web pages.

Jerome Robert-Gorsse. Paris, France
From YahooGroups forum

I got a Arax-60 for my 18th birthday. It took about a week and a half for me to get the camera after the order was placed. The camera looks and feels great, I have had one roll developed and it looks good. good exposure with the TTL-prism, correct spacing and no flare. I will probably order more stuff from Arax in the future, since they seem very trustworthy.

Bjorn Ylinenpaa, Sweden
From Delphiforum

It's always good to know all the costs one will have when buying something from another contry and you have answered them all (camera, shippment, western union fees and customs). I can't tell you how happy I am that I found your site...

Marcus Carlsson
Jonkoping, Sweden

I am impressed with the build quality of the new camera. I teach photography at a local college and many of my students wish to use medium format equipment but don't have money for Hasselblad, etc. I think your product is of exceptional value and the service is as described. I will offer your firm's name as someone my students should consider.
I'm certain I'll be purchasing more product soon, so I look forward to future dealings.

Kerry Swartz [photographer]
Victoria, Canada. www.ksphotos.com

My red ARAX MLU SE is an outstanding performer. This camera is built like a tank!
And the latest ARAX 80mm standard lens makes professional quality images easilly. The value compared to my expensive Swedish gear is refreshing. Thanks, ARAXFOTO!

Dan Hermenau
Michigan, USA.

I am very glad and satisfy with product and service I have received from Gev0rg. 
I know I will come back to him for next purchases. 
More >>

Irek Zyzanski. Dubai, UAE
From Delphiforum

On wednesday I had the pleasure to open a really well packed package from Kiev - with very elegant ARAX SE Kit inside (and several goodies :)) It was better then xmas unpacking everything. I took my time and read *carefully Kevins K's DO's and DON'ts :) Thanks so much for that! Everything looks really fine, very healthy, solid and cool.

Dorothee Rapp
Herford, Germany. www.doro-foto.de

Fast reactivity from Gev0rg, big customer care, very good delivery delays, many posts updating customer on the delivery process(money reception, fabrication delays, date of shipping). The camera came in good working state, film transport checked, focus clearly aligned, shutter working fine. More >>

Jean Claude. Paris, France
From Delphiforum

I just bought a body from Gev0rg, and I must say that I am very happy with it. Unlike my VRN (Hartblei) MLU body, the ARAX MLU body has a very nice shutter release, and I finally have a body that accepts my CZJ lenses I normally use on the 60.

Kevin Kalsbeek
Tujunga, USA

The communication with Gev0rg was very good (as many others have reported), shipping fast (the whole transaction took less than two weeks, I'm living in Germany), well packed.

Hendrik Hoeth
Wuppertal, Germany

I have no problems with the (Arax) Kiev 645 that I now own. The film spacing is just about perfect, and the mirror slap is very well dampened.

Harry Brown. Spencer, USA
From Delphiforum

My Arax (Kiev 88 upgraded) has black metal curtains (special order) and accurate speeds to 1/1000 with no shutter banding and seems to be a reliable camera for all uses.

Sam Sherman, 2002
motion picture producer/director
New Jersey, USA

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