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Accessories for ARAX-88 series
Accessories for ARAX-60 series
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Accessories for ARAX-CM, KIEV-88, Salyut
Spot TTL metered prism finder for KIEV-88, Hasselblad series $245
Upgraded 6x6 NT (New Technology) film back for KIEV-88 series $112
Upgraded NT645 film back for KIEV-88 series $118
Metallic Dark Slider for Arax/Kiev Medium Format Film Magazine $14.99
Extension macro rings (20 and 40 mm) for KIEV-60, 6C, 88CM, PENTACON-six lens mount $45
ARAX/M62 Reversal adapter for macro $27
Kiev-88 lens to Pentacon Six, ARAX camera $34
Arax-60 camera mount upgraded ring $25
Kiev-88 lens to Kiev-60 adapter rings $48
Cable release for all cameras $7
New style strap $29
Rubber hood/shade for standard ARAX/ARSAT/VOLNA-3 lens $9
Tripod adapter from 3/8-inch to 1/4-inch $5
Rubber Eyecup for Kiev/Arax/Hasselblad viewfinders $9
Body front protective cap (PENTACON-six mount) $5
ARAX lens rear protective cap $5
Lightweight bag/case for ARAX/Kiev camera kit $34
LR-44 batteries for all type TTL view-finders. 2 pack (10 pcs.) $3.99
Safety Shutter Button for ARAX/Kiev cameras. $3
KIEV-88 original user guide on English, German, Spanish $9
12 inserts for focusing screen. Free shipping. $11
Leatherette for camera's covering. Free shipping. $5
KIEV-88, SALYUT Flocking Kit. Free shipping. $9
ARAX Optical Photo Sticky Flocking Sheet. Free shipping. $8

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