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All ARAX cameras has Kiev-C (Pentacon Six) mount. Pentacon Six mount in Wikipedia.
The quality of lenses depends from many points, but mostly from correct assembly and alignment. That was the weak point of Russian lenses. That is why they are not expensive.
All medium format lenses already out of manufacturing. The last medium format lens was made in 1992 and now all lenses are second hand or refurbished by ARAX.
Any lens bought from this site are rebuilt and tested by our technicians and has no any defects. All elements are centered and aligned. No any problems with infinity focussing.
All tilt shift lenses for digital cameras are produced by ARAX. Production is still ongoing. They are brand new.

arax standard lens ARAX 2.8/80 standard lens for ARAX. $87
Mir-26 Mir-26, 3.5/45 wide-angle lens for ARAX. $225
Kaleinar-3 Kaleinar-3, 2.8/150 portrait lens for ARAX. $228
ARSAT(Zodiak-8), 3.5/30 superwide-angle, fisheye lens for ARAX Zodiak-8 (ARSAT), 3.5/30 superwide-angle, fisheye lens for ARAX $349
arsat-36 Jupiter-36 (ARSAT), 3.5/250 long-focus lens for ARAX. $195
2X Teleconverter for Kiev-C, Arax lenses $89
ARAX 2.8/35mm Tilt & Shift lens for Canon, Nikon and more $585
ARAX 2.8/80mm Tilt & Shift lens for Canon, Nikon and more $345

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