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Price: $319 [Weight with wrapping: 1.2 kg.]

To use this lens at your mirrorless camera, use the M42 mount with any cheap adapter from China.

This multicoated ARAX 80 mm Tilt/Shift compact lens has a high quality precision CANON type T&S mechanism. 11mm shifting, 8 mm tilting and 360o rotating capabilities enable you to correct perspective distortions, as is often required in interior and exterior architectural, landscape and product photography. The effects possible with large-format camera movements can now also be obtained for 35mm cameras through these TS ARAX lenses.

The excellent multicoated optics of this lens allows you to make sharp, contrasty, and colour perfect images. Of course it has a manual aperture control. The lens can be shifted by 11mm from its normal position. The direction of the shift can be rotated by 360o and locks at 12 angular positions.

You can use this lens on any 35mm digital or film cameras including full-frame DSLR. Lens had no any problems with rotating and turning to any direction on Canon, Minolta, Pentax and other cameras. Old lenses has problem with Nikon flash slot. It is too close to camera mount. Now our new generation lenses free rotates on Nikon camera body without problem with flash slot. Tested on Nikon D70, D90, D200.
Lens comes with front protective cap and soft case.

Adapter is not necessary for this lens, since we manufacture each lens with a specific mount.
Use the lens with the appropriate mount for your camera, without any additional adapters!

This lens was designed and Made in Kyiv (Ukraine, Europe) by ARAX company and corresponds to the highest quality.


  • Lens elements: 6 Multicoated
  • Focal length: 80mm (about 100-110mm on the 24x36mm format)
  • Focusing scale: 0.6 m to infinity
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.6 m
  • Aperture scale: f2.8/4/5.6/8/11/16/22
  • Shift: 11mm
  • Tilt angle: plus/minus 8o
  • Angle between tilt and shift: 90o
  • Lens rotate: 360o
  • Weight: 0.51 kg
  • Manufacturer: Arax, Ukraine

Available with different camera mounts.
(You'll choose the camera mount during payment process.)

  • Nikon F (AI, AIs)
  • Canon EOS, EF, EF-S
  • Canon FD
  • Sony A-mount (Minolta A, Dynax, Maxxum)
  • Pentax K
  • M42 (Zenit, Praktica, etc.)
  • Contax
  • Yashica

Aperture, focal length, mm Visual angle, degree Drawing stroke, mm -1 Thread for light filters Disperse Photo coloring Weight with wrapping Price
center edge
80 30 50 30 Ø62×0.75 0.019 +3 -311-0-0-3+3 1.2 Kg $319

Lens plate dimensions

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