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TILT adapter for use ARAX (KIEV-C, Kiev-60, PENTACON-six) lenses on 35mm cameras (Canon/Nikon/M42/Pentax/Minolta/Contax)

Price: $99

Tilt-shift photography (Wikipedia) / Scheimpflug principle (Wikipedia)

ARAX tilt adapter allows you use any ARAX (KIEV-C, Kiev-60, PENTACON-six) lenses on 35mm digital and classic camera including fulll-frame DSLR. It gives the 8 degree tilting possibility of lens and 360 degree rotation. The lens which you can use with this adapter should have KIEV-C (Pentacon Six) mount. It is a full range of lenses manufactured by ARSENAL factory (Kiev), Carl Zeiss Jena (Germany), other lenses with PENTACON-six mount. There are no problem with any lenses and infinity focus.
If adapter not tilted, it works as regular adapter ring.
Allows to focus on infinity independently from camera matrix size and crop factor. Has no lens element so it does not affect optical performance.
English manual included.


  • Lens mount: Arax (Pentacon Six, P-Six, Kiev-C, Kiev-60/6C/CM, Practisix)
  • Tilt angle: from 0o smoothly up to 8o
  • Lens rotate: +/- 360o
  • Maximal Diameter: 78 mm
  • Maximal Height: 34 mm
  • Weight: 140 gramm
  • Manufacturer: Arax, Ukraine

Available with different camera mounts.
(You'll choose the camera mount during payment process.)

  • Nikon F (AI, AIs)
  • Canon EOS, EF, EF-S
  • Canon FD
  • Sony A-mount (Minolta A, Dynax, Maxxum)
  • Pentax K
  • M42 (Zenit, Praktica, etc.)
  • Contax
  • Yashica

[!] If you want to use this adapter with Kiev-88 screw mount lens, you should add this ring.
In this case, you can use also the screw mount lenses which generally comes with this cameras:

  • Kiev-80
  • Kiev-88
  • Zenith-80
  • Salyut
  • Salyut-S
  • Salyut-C

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